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  On this page you will find a typical Deb-Mar Cavalier  puppy , they are sweet, loving and smart, they also own their new families ", who love and adore them".  Enjoy the collection of photos.

  Sandy and Charlie  having fun at Holloween
Merry Christmas from Frenchie & Sally
The California crew Cody & Cali owned and loved by Yasmine & Mike
Beautiful Bella at the children's library, she is a certified Therapy dog, and spends her time reading with the children. You Go, Bella!  She is loved by Lauren and her doggie companion Winston
"Handsome Iggy" owned and loved by the Polk Family.
Holloween with Karen & Sophia (blenheim color) and Jessica & Charlie (tri-color)

They are always looking for a party, and as you can see they are a big part of their family.
"sweet alabama" aka Coco, now owned and loved by Terrie & Elizabeth.
If you would like to take home a puppy like those pictured above please ....

Contact: Diane Piagentini
email: DPiagentin@aol.com
phone: 631-586-3964
"All aboard" come boating with me, I am Captain Riley, I am Ruby in color and I am loved and hugged by Linda and Chris. I also wear a life preserver.
   These two gorgeous show quality         Cavaliers Bridie and Leo  are owned      and "loved" by Lisa Neary                                        of New Jersey.

    They are the "talk of the town"